Happiness is a feeling we all cling to. We all somehow like to go back to moments when we were the most happy, relive them in our thoughts and remind ourselves of the joy we felt. We all want to feel that way again.

Why Capturing Happiness?

Weddings are moments of happiness. As a photographer I have a privilege to capture those moments and make real memories for the couple who was in front of my lens. Every couple is different, though. Every couple deserves to be approached individually and seen as they are. That is the only way photographs of their wedding day will make sense to them, to their family and represent them the way they were to the generations to come.

What will we learn?

I will show you my whole process from the start to finish. I want to teach you how to communicate with clients, how to approach them, how to plan, what to search for on the day of the wedding, how to make them feel comfortable in front of your camera... We will have a live shooting with a real couple, I will show you my post process workflow and also, show you softwares I work with, to save a lot of time! I was lucky enough to be recognised with this idea and I got sponsored, so I will be giving some awesome gifts at the end of the day!

In short, it is about:

- how to find your own voice & stay true to yourself
- how to apply that in your business
- communication with clients before the wedding & during the couples session
- website, google, social media and how to use them to find your "perfect client"
- live shooting
- postprocessing
- workflow
- coffee, tea, snacks, fruit and light lunch during the day are also included in the price (that way we can spend the whole day together!)

How many spots will be there and how to register?

The group will be very small, because I want to get to know you all and take enough time to be able to answer all your questions. There are only 14 spots available. The price for this 2 day workshop is 500€. To reserve your seat, click the Register now button. You have two options:
- pay 500€ in one payment or
- pay 275€ now and 275€ on 1st September 2023.