A perfect workshop for me would be a combination of education and vacation. It is not only about learning, but getting to know new, honest and openminded people and new places. Eating local food. An adventure of a kind. This is why I created my Croatian workshop, that will take place in Motovun, Istria in a charming historic Villa Angelo this May! Ws will be in English. Check it out by clicking the link in Menu.


Villa Angelo is part of a group of early 18th Century stone houses.

This sunny property is South-facing with a large terrace overlooking the valley below Motovun.

Comprising a mixture of herbaceous perennials, ornamental grasses and scented herbs, the garden is another oasis for guests (and butterflies!) to enjoy during their stay.

During the retreat we will be able to use heated pool and sauna.

The property has been lovingly restored and improved over three decades using the finest local and Italian materials.

All of us will live together in this Villa.

Price includes accommodation and food.

The decor is stunning, simple but in excellent taste.

Villa Angelo, Motovun, Croatia

September 27th - October 01st 2021 / Czech language / 7 spots

I always believed photography comes from the heart. From what and who you really are. I found out that when I am being myself and when I look at people with the eyes of my heart, I can’t go wrong. I do wedding and family photography based on a very personal approach and this is something I will be talking about a lot at my workshop. I will also make sure this workshop is interesting for beginner wedding photographers, as well as for someone who is in the industry for longer time.

Where and when?

Croatia. Istria. Motovun. Villa Angelo. From Monday 27th September til Friday 1st October 2021. Check in is on Monday 27th September during the afternoon, followed by a welcome dinner where we will all meet over delicious food prepared by our private chef and some tasty Istrian wine. Check out is on Friday 1st October, 10am.


A retreat for photographers. A workshop & a holiday. This workshop is meant for wedding photographers, but not only them. I believe this workshop will be good for every photographer who is working with people and wants to work on his/her communication skills, work with light and hear about personal approach. Workshop will be held in Czech language. I will give an opportunity to apply for portfolio review and individual consultations as well.


During three days we will be talking about photography and business in an honest and open way, we will have 3 shootings with real couples (indoor couple, outdoor wedding and outdoor couple on another location where I plan to take you for a small trip). My wish is not only to create a workshop, but also to give you kind of a vacation and time to enjoy and get to know the beautiful area of Motovun and Istria.

Price 1200€

Price includes:
- 3 day workshop
- 4 nights stay at Villa Angelo, Motovun
- private chef - local & organic food from Istria during the whole stay (welcome dinner + breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, vegetarians and vegans will have their special food prepared, no worries!)
- use of the heated pool & sauna in the villa during free time

*If necessary, transportation from and to a local airport (Pula, Rijeka) can be arranged.