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San Canzian
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San Canzian Village & Hotel gives you the unique experience of the Istrian countryside.

You'll feel like in Toscany.

Food is included. Vegetarians/vegans will have choices too.

When it comes to food, only the best of Istria awaits you at the table.

During the retreat you will be able to use spa & wellness of the hotel.

Beautiful Orangerie will be our place for classes and gatherings.

Price includes accommodation.

If you wish to arrive one day earlier, it is possible to pay for additional night.

Village Hotel San Canzian, Istria

20.&21.3.2024 / Croatian language / 14 SPOTS

I always believed photography comes from the heart. From what and who you really are. I found out that when I am being myself and when I look at people with the eyes of my heart, I can’t go wrong. I do wedding and family photography based on a very personal approach and this is something I will be talking about a lot at my workshop. I will also make sure this workshop is interesting for beginner wedding photographers, as well as for someone who is in the industry for longer time. I will share my whole know-how: from mindset to business segments (pricing, contracts, communication, workflow…) and we will have a live shooting.


Istria, Croatia. San Canzian Village Hotel (5*). NEXT 2024. Starting first day in the morning at 10am, finishing second day after lunch.


This workshop is in Croatian language. I will show you my whole process from the start to finish. I want to teach you how to communicate with clients, how to approach them, how to plan, what to search for on the day of the wedding, how to make them feel comfortable in front of your camera... We will have a live shooting with a real couple, I will show you my post process workflow and also, show you softwares I work with, to save a lot of time! I was lucky enough to be recognised with this idea and I got sponsored, so I will be giving some awesome gifts at the end of the day!


- how to find your own voice & stay true to yourself
- how to apply that in your business
- communication with clients before the wedding & during the couples session
- website, google, social media and how to use them to find your "perfect client"
- live shooting
- postprocessing
- workflow
- one night stay at the hotel with breakfast
- coffee, tea during the presentation, lunch and dinner first day, lunch second day are also included in the price, as well as unlimited drinks during lunch and dinner (non-alcoholic for lunch, both non alcoholic and alcoholic for dinner)

Early Bird Price 760€

The group will be small, because I want to get to know you all and take enough time to be able to answer all your questions. There are maximum 14 spots available. Early Bird price for this 2 day workshop is 760€. Full price 850€. To reserve your seat, click the Register now button.

*in case of cancellation, refund is only possible until March 01st 2024. After that date refund is not possible, but you can sell your spot to someone else, in which case you have to let me know the name of the new attendee as soon as possible.

If you want to get information about upcoming workshop dates, you can pre-register: leave your email address by clicking the button below and you will be notified 24h before I publish the dates on my website and social media. Everyone who pre-registers gets the Early Bird price.